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Introducing robocleanz. India’s first automatic vacuum cleaner. From now you don’t need to take time off your busy schedule to clean your home.All you need to do is switch on your robocleanz. It will clean your home automatically. Its unique combination of design and style ensures that your home remains clean and dust-free. Go ahead.Enjoy the convenience of cleaning your home without actually spending time on it.

  • Battery life indicator to signal when the battery is due for recharge.

  • Easy to grab handle for effortless handling.

  • Intelligent path judgement to prevent falls and collisions.

  • Infrared sensors - navigate around obstacles and bounce off.

  • Rechargeable battery for free movement. No more tangled wires.

  • Removable particle bin for easy leaning of filter mesh.

  • Smart side brush for easy. Cleaning of nooks and corners.

  • Super sleek design for hassle-free cleaning under sofas, tables and beds.

  • Choice of 3 cleaning modes to suit your needs.

Rechargeable Battery : 14.4 v, 1500 mAH
Charging adapter : 24v, 500 mA
Wheel Motor : 12v, 100 RPM, 2.6 Kg-cm
Brush Motor : 12 v, 1000 RPM, 0.5 kg-cm.
Auto CAD : 06 Months/180hrs.
Main Brush : 3mm Bunch of 0.1 thickness bristles 4 Rows with 40 bunches per row.
Side Brush Motor : 12v, 220 RPM, 0.2 KG-cm
Side Brush : 3 mm Bunch of 0.4 thickness bristles 3 Bunches placed at 75 degrees apart with bristle height of 5 cm
Power adapter connector : Ms Dc power jack connector
Cliff Sensors : Infrared (IR)
Power/Voltage : Battery Charger-Input 230 V AC, 50 H Output 24 v DC, 500 mA

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